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Fallopé & the Tubes T-shirt

£12.00 / Coming Soon

Each T-shirt is uniquely hand printed.

Every single shirt has been printed by one of the band member's own breasts. So all shapes and sizes!

They call this 'Breast Press Printing'.

with "Fallopé & the Tubes' printed on the back.


State your t-shirt size and colour of breast when ordering.
Fruit of the loom and we're told they run smaller than you'd think.

Smalls: Blue. Gold. Orange. Plum. Neon red. Neon Yellow
Mediums: Black. Blue. Gold. Orange. Plum.
Large: Black. Blue. Orange. Plum. Neon green. Neon Red. Neon Yellow.
X-Large: Black. Orange. Neon Red